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BugSlide® is the X-treme waterless cleaner and polisher all in one. BugSlide® cleans, shines, and protects while removing bugs and other surface contaminants with ease. Best of all, BugSlide® leaves behind a protective microscopic finish that continuously repels dust, dirt, water, and fingerprints while reducing adhesion of common road contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime and brake dust. Surfaces stay cleaner longer! Bugslide is also a great de-greaser and contains a UV filter to keep black plastics, rubber and even powder-coated engines from fading.

BugSlide® is ECO-FRIENDLY! We believe in protecting our environment and reducing fresh water consumption. Because BugSlide® works without water, the average person SAVES over 500+ gallons of water per year when using BugSlide®, as compared to conventional cleaning methods. GO GREEN, GO BUGSLIDE®!

BugSlide® contains no ammonia, no petroleum, no wax, and no silicone and is safe on all surfaces including: paint, chrome, fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum, Plexiglas, plastic, lexan, glass, vinyl and leather. Bugslide sheens water, and is safe to use even on motorcycle windshields. BugSlide® dries crystal clear with no powdery residue and will not yellow.

BugSlide® is great for cleaning motorcycles cars, boats, bathroom mirrors, stainless appliances, windows and much, much more!

 •Cleans and Polishes to a Brilliant Mirror Finish
 •One step, No water needed
 •Cleans All Non-porous Surfaces
 •Leaves a Protective Microscopic Finish
 •Removes Bugs and Surface Contaminants with Ease
 •Repels Dirt, Dust, Water and Fingerprints
 •Works in Direct Sunlight
 •Prevents Fogging
 •Contains UV Filter

BUGSLIDE Travel Kit 
is exactly that, a convenient way to carry BUGSLIDE cleaner, polish and bug remover with you while you travel.

The BUGSLIDE Travel Kit consists of:
 One 4oz bottle of BUGSLIDE
 One premium Micro-Fiber 
 Polishing Cloth

Item: BS-TK-1
BUGSLIDE 16 oz Spray Bottle Kit

Same superior formula, just in a convenient 16 oz spray bottle. Excellent for deep cleaning and polishing all of your vehicles. Simply spray a small amount onto a micro-fiber cloth and wipe over the surface to be cleaned, then buff to a beautiful shine. BUGSLIDE may be sprayed directly on the vehicle, especially when removing hard bug residue. When removing bugs with BUGSLIDE in the spray form, we recommend removing the bug residue in a timely manner; before they become cemented to the surface. 

The BUGSLIDE Spray Bottle Kit consists of:
      One 16 oz. Spray Bottle of BUGSLIDE
    One Premium Micro-Fiber Cloth

Item: BS-B-16